Question: Is Blue Flame pitching machine?

How fast does the black flame pitching machine throw?

Throws hard baseballs and softballs up to 50 mph. Throws light flight baseballs and softballs up to 60 miles per hour. Equivalent speeds from 40 feet up to 75 mph.

How much does a pitching machine cost?

How Much Does The Pitching Machine Cost?

Pitching Machine Machine Type Price
First Pitch Original Combo Machine *$899.00
Heater Deuce-95 Baseball Only $999.99
First Pitch XL Combo Machine *$999.00
BATA-1 Combo Machine *$1,119.00

How do you lower a pitching machine?

(lllustration 10) For fine tuning, simply screw the Micro-Adjust Screw clockwise for lowering the ball, or counterclockwise for raising the flight of the ball. Sometimes it only takes a quarter or half turn of the Micro-Adjustment screw to move the flight of the ball 6-10 inches.

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