Quick Answer: What is DP flex in softball?

The player listed in the 10th position in the lineup will play defense only and will be called a FLEX player. The DP and the FLEX player can play defense simultaneously. REMINDERS: 1) The DP can never be on DEFENSE ONLY. 2) The FLEX player can never be on OFFENSE ONLY.

What does DP mean in softball lineup?

In Fast Pitch Softball, a designated player (DP) can make hits for a player as well as temporarily play defense, and can later on in the game return to their original position. If you’re a designated player playing turn for a hitter or in the offense team, you’ll be known as the “pinch runner” or “pinch hitter”.

Can the DP play defense?

3) The DP can just play offense (“BAT” and sit on the bench), or now they can play defense, at any time, for any of the other top 9 players listed on the line up card without penalty of having left the game for either player.

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How do I list my DP flex on lineup?

The DP/Flex must be indicated on the starting lineup. Once the starting lineup has been given to the umpire, these positions cannot be added. As with any lineup, a substitute bats where the player she replaced was batting. DP/Flex are joined at the hip with respect to the batting order.

Can the Flex hit for the DP?

The FLEX can bat or run, but only for the original DP. As such, the DP and the FLEX CANNOT be on offense at the same time.

What is the difference between DP and DH?

DP = player you would have called the DH. Put her where you want her in the lineup. FLEX = your pitcher.

How many times can flex run for DP?

The DP may replace anyone on defense any time, any number of times while the Flex may replace the DP any time, any number of times. 5. Like any other player in the batting order, when the DP is not on offense, she is out of the game.

What is a flex player?

The flex position in fantasy football is an extra player in the starting lineup that must be listed as a running back, wide receiver, or tight end. The flex position may be an indicator of how good a team manager is by looking at how well they fill the position.

What does DP mean in softball stats?

Double Play (DP)

Can a Flex player be a courtesy runner?

Strictly speaking, no. A “courtesy runner,” by definition, must be a player who is not currently, and has not yet been, in the line-up. The FLEX is technically in the line-up at the beginning of the game.

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What is the twin rule in softball?

Both players are completely interchangeable. Either can play offense & come to bat in the position they’re locked in. Either of both can play defense.

Does the designated hitter have to hit for the pitcher?

In college baseball, NCAA rules state that the designated hitter must hit for the pitcher, but in many instances the pitcher is also a good hitter, and the coach may elect to let the pitcher bat in the lineup.

When can a runner steal a base in softball?

With fast pitch, a runner can’t lead off or leave the base, but as soon as the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand the runner can attempt to steal a base. Unlike rules for youths, adults can steal as many bases as they want, including home base.

What is an EH in softball?

The extra hitter (EH) rule takes the concept of the designated hitter one step further. Instead of just adding a player to bat for a defensive player (ten players, but only nine batters), the EH adds a tenth batter to the batting order.

What is an EP in softball?

Those who will be listed next will be listed as “EP” (Extra Player), and will be governed by the Extra Player Rule. (Rule 4, Section 4 A-D). They will hit and will eligible to play defense.