What does dingers mean in baseball?

Slang term for home run in baseball.

What’s the meaning of dinger?

dinger. / (ˈdɪŋə) / noun. US an informal word for home run.

What does Dinger mean in softball?

A dinger is a home run.

Where does the phrase Dinger come from?

dinger (n.)

“something superlative,” 1809, American English, agent noun from ding (v.). Baseball sense of “a home run” is by 1984.

What is a dinker in baseball?

The main culprit of the dinker hit is players getting their torso directly above or in front of their front foot. This seems to be caused by hitters either trying to transfer their weight into the pitch, or buy not being patient and letting the pitch get to them.

Why is Rockies mascot a dinosaur?

In fact, some fossils were found during the construction of Coors Field. … Dinger, the Rockies Mascot, is based off of a triceratops – an herbivore dinosaur species that certainly lived in the area, as evidenced by the several triceratops fossils found in the region.

What does shaved mean in drill?

Shaved – insulted, humiliated, punished.

What is a dinger London slang?

dinger in British English

(ˈdɪŋə ) noun. US an informal word for home run. Collins English Dictionary.

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Why do softball players say eat it?

“Eat it” is also an expression often heard on the baseball diamond. It’s used when a fielder is about to make an ill-advised throw of a “live” ball: a ball that has just been hit and is in play. … It means that you, the one holding the ball, needs to take the most advisable action: NOTHING.

What is a dinger in Australia?

(Australian slang) The buttocks, the anus. Let? s leave them to sit on their dingers for a while.

What is a walk off grand slam?

Walk-off grand slam

A grand slam is a home run hit with all three bases occupied by baserunners (“bases loaded”), thereby scoring four runs—the most possible in one play. A walk-off home run with the bases loaded is therefore known as a walk-off grand slam.