What is the best catchers gear for youth?

What size catchers gear should I get?

To find the right size protector, measure from the base of your neck to the top of your waist in inches. This length will be the size you’ll find online or on the store tag. For example, if you measure 15 inches, then you’ll want a size 15 chest protector.

What age group is intermediate catchers gear?

Catcher’s gear in adult sizes will typically fit players 15 and older; youth gear is generally appropriate for players 12 and younger; and players ages 13 and 14 may fit into intermediate-sized gear.

Is Champro catchers gear good?

This catchers gear was very nice, protective, and lightweight. … This catchers gear was very nice, protective, and lightweight. The only problem is that it was way too big to fit the boys in my 8 year old Prep baseball team.

How do I choose catchers gear?

To get the right size, measure the circumference of your head above the ear. After, you can look at a helmet sizing chart to find your size. A head circumference of 22 inches translates to a size 7 catcher’s helmet. Next, you’ll need to find chest protector sizing.

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What size catchers mitt Should a 12 year old use?

Typically, anyone ages 12 and under will require a mitt of 32″ or less, while a player who is 13 or older will usually go for a mitt of 32.5″ or more.

Is there a difference between baseball and softball catchers gear?

There is a difference between a chest protector for softball players and baseball players. Softball player chest protectors have a break in the chest to help fit the shape of female players. Chest protectors for women also don’t come with removable groin protectors.

What does Intermediate catchers gear mean?

Age Recommendations for Catcher’s Gear

Youth: age 9-12. Intermediate: age 12-15. Adult: age 15+

Is All Star catchers gear good?

All Star makes a ton of catchers gear. Most of it is really good. However, the sheer number of models and variations available can be overwhelming.

Catcher’s Helmets.

Helmet Name Ultra Cool Youth
Current Price Check Price
Model # MVP2410
Color (can vary by seller) 7 colors
For Youth and Kids (Baseball or Softball)

How long does catchers gear last?

Yes it’s time to get new gear. The shin guards usually get replaced every year or maybe a tad bit longer due to the patellar padding wearing out. Your helmet is only good for 2 years at most before you should either buy a new one or at the very least, send it out to the NOCSAE and have it recertified and rehabbed.

Does all star make under Armour catchers gear?

Under Armour catcher’s equipment is made by All Star (see above). Under Armour also has almost all standard colors available, they do not, however, have any two tone equipment.

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Does Marucci make catchers gear?

Marucci is an increasingly popular company that makes high-quality equipment for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball players – including catchers.

How long does all star catchers gear take to ship?

Typically 1 – 5 business days depending on where you are located, but all customers have the option to pay for expedited shipping.

What catchers gear does Yadier Molina use?

Yadier Molina makes #baseballswag history by donning the first ever Jordan catchers gear. The gold Jumpman replaces the Nike logo, but structurally, Yadi’s Jordan gear is the same as his Nike set. In one of our most commented-on Instagram posts in recent memory, most loved it, some hated it.