Why are some MLB players wearing blue socks?

What are the blue socks in baseball?

They will don their Father’s Day garb on Sunday. For the rest of baseball, Saturday’s blue bonanza served as a visible reminder of the importance of prostate cancer awareness, much like baseball’s pink-out on Mother’s Day serves to create awareness for breast health and cancer research.

Why are MLB players wearing different socks?

It’s all personal preference and comfort of how the baseball player would like to wear them. Baseball players will wear their socks in three different forms, high, low, and stirrups. The socks are typically decided by the player or team themselves to create a uniform look.

What socks do MLB players wear?

Baseball stirrups, also called stirrup socks or simply stirrups, are socks that are part of a traditional baseball uniform, giving the uniform a distinctive look. Stirrup socks are usually one of a team’s traditional colors, and are worn over long socks that are usually white in color.

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Why are baseball teams wearing baby blue?

The Indians, and all MLB teams, will be wearing special blue-detailed uniforms this Father’s Day Weekend. It’s part of MLB’s fight against prostate cancer. MLB first partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation in 1996.

Why are players wearing light blue?

During Father’s Day games, players and on-field personnel wear the symbolic blue ribbon on their uniforms along with blue wristbands. … Players also wear specially designed caps to raise awareness and funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

Why are players wearing light blue today?

During Father’s Day games, players and on-field personnel will wear the symbolic blue ribbon on their uniforms along with blue wristbands. Also, players will wear specially-designed New Era caps to raise awareness and funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

Why do baseball players tuck their pants under their cleats?

Protection from Cleats

As you can imagine, this can be quite painful and can tear up a leg. Long pants provide at least a little protection against incoming cleats. … Having long pants provided a base layer of protection for these players and is another reason why long pants have become a staple in the game of baseball.

Why do baseball players tuck their pants into their socks?

MLB’s official historian, John Thorn, says that the team’s owners were “trying to create a sensation,” presumably to boost attendance and the team’s profile. Pulling up the pants to more closely resemble a cricketer’s uniform also had one other benefit: “High socks displayed manly calves, which the ladies liked.”

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What is the purpose of stirrup socks?

Stirrup socks were vital to protecting a player’s legs during the 19th and 20th centuries because they wore knicker pants during play. As major league players began wearing their pants down to their ankles, stirrup sock use decreased, but the trend has made a comeback over the past several years.

Why do baseball players wear white pants?

It is believed that sometimes when baseball teams had two or more games as visitors in a row, they would wear those dirty uniforms they played with the last time they had a game. … They wore white pants during games up through a great part of the 1980s.

Why do baseball socks have stirrups?

Since the foot was double wrapped, fitting into a pair of spikes was a problem. The stirrups were then invented as a solution – these allowed the foot to fit right in the spike thus allowing players to wear 2 pairs of socks without discomfort.

Why are the Cubs wearing blue uniforms?

The Cubs donned dark blue uniforms Saturday, debuting their Nike City Connect jerseys against the Cardinals. The uniforms themselves display “Wrigleyville” across the chest but were designed to give a nod to Chicago’s 77 distinct community areas. … The municipal device of Chicago adorns the left sleeve.

Who has the best uniforms in the MLB?

The 10 best uniforms in Major League Baseball, from home whites to Sunday reds

  • Oakland Athletics’ Kelly Greens.
  • St. …
  • Los Angeles Dodgers’ Home Whites.
  • Atlanta Braves’ Home Reds.
  • New York Yankees’ Pinstripes.
  • San Diego Padres’ Home Pinstripes.
  • Baltimore Orioles’ Black Jerseys.
  • Milwaukee Brewers’ Navy Blue Jerseys.
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When did the Cardinals wear blue jerseys?

The Arizona Cardinals had a blue stripe on their uniform ever since the 90’s into the early 2000s. There was also blue that came from the state flag on the side of the jersey- arguably the best jersey the team’s ever had. But there’s still one jersey that the team never wore.