Your question: Who has the most RBI in baseball?

Hank Aaron has batted in the most runs in Major League Baseball history with 2,297 RBI.

What MLB player has the most RBI in one season?

The single-season mark of 166 stood for over thirty years until Babe Ruth hit 171 in 1921. Ruth’s mark was then broken by teammate Lou Gehrig six seasons later in 1927 when Gehrig hit 175 RBI. Finally, Hack Wilson set the current record mark of 191 RBI in 1930 with the Chicago Cubs.

Who has the most errors in MLB history?

Career Leaders & Records for Errors Committed

Rank Player (yrs, age) Errors Committed
1. Herman Long (16) 1096
2. Bill Dahlen (21) 1080
3. Deacon White+ (20) 1018
4. Germany Smith (15) 1009

Who has the most 100 RBI seasons?

Albert Pujols has 14 seasons with at least 100 runs batted in, tied for the most all-time.

Miguel Cabrera 1890 1,415
Manny Ramirez 1707 1,484
Barry Bonds 1806 1,366
Al Simmons 1667 1,492
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Who has the most RBIS in one game?

Wilbert Robinson was the first player to record at least 10 RBIs in a single game, driving in 11 runs for the Baltimore Orioles against the St.


Player Jim Bottomley
Opposing team Brooklyn Robins
Score 17–3
Runs batted in 12
Career RBI 1,422

Who has the most triples in MLB history?

Career Leaders & Records for Triples

Rank Player (yrs, age) Triples
1. Sam Crawford+ (19) 309
2. Ty Cobb+ (24) 295
3. Honus Wagner+ (21) 252
4. Jake Beckley+ (20) 244

Which MLB team has the most errors 2021?

MLB Team Errors per Game

Rank Team 2021
1 Pittsburgh 0.44
2 Houston 0.44
3 Atlanta 0.45
4 Oakland 0.45

Who leads the MLB in errors in 2021?


1 J. Báez DET 373.1
2 L. Urías MIL 393.1
3 B. Bichette TOR 423.2
4 J. Chisholm Jr. MIA 339.0
5 R. Devers BOS 434.0

Who hit most home runs?

Career Leaders & Records for Home Runs

Rank Player (yrs, age) Home Runs
1. Barry Bonds (22) 762
2. Henry Aaron+ (23) 755
3. Babe Ruth+ (22) 714
4. Alex Rodriguez (22) 696

What is the most HR in a season?

Most Home Runs in One Season? 45 or More

HR Player/Team Year
73 Barry Bonds, San Francisco (N.L.) 2001
70 Mark McGwire, St. Louis (N.L.) 1998
66 Sammy Sosa, Chicago (N.L.) 1998
65 Mark McGwire, St. Louis (N.L.) 1999

Who is the heaviest player in MLB?

The heaviest player in Major League history was Jumbo Brown who weighed two-hundred ninety-five pounds and played from 1925 through 1941 — until 2005 when Walter Young took that record from him when he debuted at three-hundred fifteen pounds!

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Has a catcher ever led the league in RBI?

Catcher: Yogi Berra, 1,430

Berra, who won three MVP Awards and enough World Series rings to fill all 10 fingers, is the leader among catchers with 1,430 RBIs, edging Ted Simmons (1,389), Johnny Bench (1,376), Mike Piazza (1,335) and Ivan Rodriguez (1,332).

What is the rarest baseball play?

The unassisted triple play, a triple play in which only one fielder handles the ball, is the least common type of triple play, and is arguably the rarest occurrence in baseball: it has happened only 15 times since 1900 at the major league level.

Who has the most RBIs in a month?

Sammy Sosa has smashed the most home runs in a month, with 20 homers in June 1998.

Albert Belle September 1995 32
Willie Mays August 1965 29
Rudy York August 1943 43
Babe Ruth September 1927 43