Best answer: Are there any brothers in the MLB?

The start of the 1979 season served as a good reminder of the interesting and significant role brothers have played in major league baseball. First there was Jesus Alou, back for his 15th season in the Big Time. This gives the three Alou brothers (Felipe 17 and Matty 15) a record 47 manyears in the majors.

Are there brothers in MLB?

Every Set of Major League Baseball Brothers

The duo are officially major league brothers when the second one makes his debut. When more than one set of brothers debuted on the same date, the tie is broken by the debut date of the first brother.

How many sets of brothers are in the MLB?

Nearly 100 sets of brothers have played together as teammates in Major League history.

Who are the brothers of baseball?

A list of baseball brothers, such as this Elite Eleven, starts in only one place.

  • Joe, Vince and Dominic DiMaggio. …
  • Bengie, Jose and Yadier Molina. …
  • Pedro and Ramon Martinez. …
  • Paul and Lloyd Waner. …
  • Jim and Gaylord Perry. …
  • Phil and Joe Niekro. …
  • Felipe, Matty and Jesus Alou. …
  • Ken, Clete and Cloyd Boyer.
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Are there any brothers in the MLB Hall of Fame?

When his younger brother Lloyd Waner got elected to the Hall of Fame they became the second pair of brothers in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, after Harry and George Wright. Paul and Lloyd also hold the record for most hits recorded by brothers (5,611).

Are there any twins in MLB?

The Rogers brothers are the 10th set of twins in MLB history, and the first to play in tandem since Damon Minor appeared in 19 games for San Francisco and his brother Ryan logged 95 at-bats with the Montreal Expos in 2001.

Are the Martes related?

The Martes, who are not related, flew together to Arizona from the Dominican Republic two weeks ago on Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick’s private plate.

How many Molina brothers are there in MLB?

Molina is the middle of three brothers (older brother Bengie and younger brother Yadier), all of whom have played catcher in Major League Baseball.

What brothers hit the most home runs?

The home run record for brothers is held by Henry (755) and Tommy (13) Aaron. The stolen base mark is held by Honus (722) and Al (4) Wagner.

How many sets of brothers have pitched against each other in MLB games?

There have been twenty-ones games in Major League Baseball history where brothers have pitched against each other and only eight sets of brothers account for every instance!

What brothers played in the NFL?

The greatest siblings in NFL history

  1. Peyton and Eli Manning. Jim McIsaac-Getty Images.
  2. Clay and Bruce Matthews. George Gojkovich-Getty Images. …
  3. Sterling and Shannon Sharpe. Cliff Welch-Icon Sportswire. …
  4. Ronde and Tiki Barber. …
  5. J.J., Derek and T.J. …
  6. Jason and Travis Kelce. …
  7. Sam and Randall Cunningham. …
  8. Maurkice and Mike Pouncey. …
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Who are the Molina brothers in baseball?

Ryan Zimmerman and Jordan Zimmermann are both small-town boys with big-league talent. They’re often asked if they’re brothers. … Jordan has two; his last name is Zimmermann. Ryan is from Virginia, Jordan from Wisconsin.

Which family has the most MLB players?

Largest Baseball Families

  • Aaron/Lucas (8 members)
  • Afenir (5)
  • Alomar (6)
  • Alou/Rojas (11)
  • Andreoli/Bard/O’Brien (6)
  • Aybar/Franco (5)
  • Bando (6)
  • Bankhead (5)

What brothers have the most MLB wins?

Niekro was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997. Niekro and his younger brother Joe amassed 539 wins between them, the most combined wins by brothers in baseball history. Phil’s 121 career victories after the age of 40 is a major league record.