How do you play the baseball game on the back of a dart board?

In baseball dart rules, each player takes turns throwing their three darts at the number associated with that inning. So in the first inning, all darts should be thrown at the number 1 on the dartboard. A hit in the single section scores 1 run, the double is worth 2 runs, and the triple is worth 3.

What is the game on the back of a dart board?

Dartball is a game in which darts are thrown at a large wooden or homasote board that resembles a baseball field with colored areas which denote bases.

How do you play the game over in darts?

The game should end when both players have played two innings each at which point the player with the highest score has won the match. If the batting player should land a dart in the bullseye or 25 ring, the batting player loses a wicket or two accordingly.

What are the points on a dart board?

The dartboard is divided into 20 numbered segments and a bullseye. Each segment has 4 scoring areas: 2 single, 1 triple and 1 double. The bullseye has an outer ring (single bull – 25 points) and an inner ring (double bull – 50 points). The center of the dartboard must be hung 68 inches above the floor.

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What does sh mean in dartball?

2.38 A “STRIKE” is a legal throw in dartball when so called by the umpire which: (a) Lodges in the strike area when thrown by a batter.

How many players are on a dartball team?

Playing Regulations

Normally nine players shall constitute a team. Teams may agree to use fewer players and many dartball leagues are organized with teams of either 2 or 4 players per team. All darts must be thrown underhand, called pitching.

What is dartball board made of?

The basic dartball board is a piece of 1/4″ thick dense fiberboard 48″ X 48″ square. This board requires a piece of 1/2″ plywood to be either glued, or stapled on to the back of the dartboard for backing to provide rigidity. The board is printed with 7 different bright colors and shows all the items of a baseball game.

How do you end 301 in darts?

If the game is 301, everyone starts with 301 points. The name of the game is the starting number of points. The number hit is reduced from the starting points and the game ends when the score becomes exactly 0! The first player to lower his/her score to 0 wins!

How do you aim darts?

To aim a dart you must bring it up to your dominant eye and make a direct line of sight between your eye, the dart, and your target before throwing. This may require you to adjust your stance or reposition yourself along the oche depending on your target or the location of other darts in the dartboard.

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What happens when you go over in darts?

A winning throw must score down to zero exactly. When a bust occurs, no score is marked, and the players turn is over. A bust also occurs if a player has a remaining score of one, because a double is required to win the game and no double has a point value of one.

How do you double in darts?


  1. Score points by throwing darts within the 20 numbered sections [numbered 1 to 20].
  2. This is the number shown on the outer rim. …
  3. Hitting one of the large portions of a [black or white] section scores you single points.
  4. Hitting within the outer [red and green] band scores you double points for that dart.