Quick Answer: What happens when a batter hits the catcher’s glove?

If the batter makes contact with the catchers mitt, the offense has the option to take the result of the play or one base will be rewarded to the batter.

What happens if you hit the catcher?


If, in the judgment of the umpire, a runner attempting to score initiates contact with the catcher (or other player covering home plate) in such a manner, the umpire shall declare the runner out (even if the player covering home plate loses possession of the ball).

Is catcher’s interference a dead ball?

Catcher’s interference is considered a delayed dead ball situation, much like a balk. … The catcher is charged with an error however the batter is not considered to have reached on an error, and is not charged with a time at bat.

What happens with catcher interference?

The batter is awarded first base if the catcher (or any other fielder) interferes with him at any point during a pitch. … When catcher interference occurs, the umpire will allow the play to progress because the outcome of the play may be more desirable than the interference.

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What happens if the batter hits the catcher with his backswing?

If this infraction should occur in a situation where the batter would normally become a runner because of a third strike not caught, the ball shall be dead and the batter declared out regardless of the location of the baseball at the time the backswing hits the catcher.

Can you jump over the catcher?

Yes, you are allowed to jump over the catcher but only if the catcher is already on the ground. Section 4 Article 2b2 of the NFHS rule book states that, “Jumping, hurdling, and leaping are all legal attempts to avoid a fielder as long as the fielder is lying on the ground.

Can a batter hits the catcher with bat?

The follow through is the batter’s responsibility without exception, so unless the catcher jumps up and moves into the swing, if the bat hits the catcher on the follow through, it’s the batter’s fault. If no play is in progress when the contact occurs, there cannot be interference.

How often do Catchers get hurt?

The average injury rate was 2.75 injuries per 1000 AEs (range, 0.82-5.14). Of those 134 injuries, 20 were collision injuries. Collision injuries resulted in a mean of 39 days (range, 15-93) of DL time, compared with 53 days for noncollision injuries (range, 15-236), which was not a significant difference.

Do all runners advance on catcher’s interference?

Rule 6.08 (c)

This rule covers those situations where the catcher interferes with the batter’s attempt to hit the ball. … If the ball is put in play and all runners, including the batter, advance at least one base, then play continues without further reference to the catcher’s interference. Any advances or outs stand.

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Can the catcher distract the batter?

In baseball movies, it isn’t uncommon for catchers to talk trash to batters. … Catchers in movies like to try to trash talk hitters to try to distract them, but real-life players often don’t do that because not distracting a hitter is probably one of the many unwritten rules of baseball that most players like to follow.

Can a catcher balk?

Rule 5.02(a) says a catcher’s balk happens when the catcher is out of position on a pitch: “Except that when the batter is being given an intentional base on balls, the catcher must stand with both feet within the lines of the catcher’s box until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.”

Can batter run dropped third strike?

Generally speaking, a batter will not be allowed to run to first base on a dropped third strike if the baserunner on first base was stealing second base. Since the baserunner was occupying first base as the pitch was delivered, the dropped third strike would be recorded as a strikeout.

Is catcher interference on backswing?

When a batter swings at a pitch and the momentum of his swing brings the bat around and hits the catcher, or more commonly, the catcher’s mitt, this is backswing interference.

What is the penalty for a catcher’s balk?

The penalty for a balk is that all base runners are awarded one base. The penalty for an illegal pitch is awarding one ball to the batter (unless the batter reaches first base safely on the pitch). A balk is a delayed dead ball. When you call a balk, verbalize it loudly.

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