What is a good spin rate for softball?

Factor in a spin rate that sits between 20-22 RPS — which is “good to excellent” for high school pitchers, according to Gardner — and they are next to unhittable.

What is a good spin rate?

Spin Rate is important to a fastball, with fastballs below 1800 rpm and above 2600 rpm being vastly more effective than those that ride the line in the middle. A higher spin rate fastball will appear to rise, and is more difficult to square up. … The higher the spin rate, the better the fastball, curve or slider.

What is good spin rate for a fastball?

Two-seam fastballs/sinkers (MLB average spin rate ≈2150 rpms) should have spin efficiencies between 75-100%; this range is wide primarily due to the fact that different efficiencies work best with different spin directions, arm slots, and grip/feel.

How do you increase spin rate in softball?

Begin every spin with a four-seam fastball grip. Practice using your fingertips to develop spin. Relaxed and loose fingers will create more spin. Toss the ball slightly higher than your head and watch for proper spin.

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What is considered fast in softball?

As Feigner recently observed, “In fast-pitch softball, you have to swing four or five inches above the ball or four or five inches below the ball. If you swing at the ball, you’ll strike out every time.”

What is the ideal spin rate for a 7 iron?

So if you are using a 7-iron, your backspin should be around 7000 rpm. If it is well below this (at around 5000 rpm), you will struggle to get the flight you need to stop the ball on the green. As equipment manufacturers strengthen the loft of their irons, this is a very important number to keep an eye on.

Who has the highest spin rate?

Active Spin Leaderboard

Rk. Pitcher Slider
1 Barnes, Matt
2 Mahle, Tyler 39.5
3 Santiago, Héctor 40.2
4 Neidert, Nick 39.5

How much does a Rapsodo cost?

The Rapsodo unit will run you about $3,000, compared to the many more thousands of dollars for a PITCHf/x, TrackMan or FlightScope setup.

How do I get a higher spin rate?

One way to increase spin rate is to increase velocity. Another is to apply shear force to the ball, probably by adjusting finger strength. It is possible to make modest gains, especially on breaking pitches, through improving the efficiency of a pitcher’s grip and delivery.

How fast do curveballs spin?

Curve balls, as MLB.com explained, have a remarkable and almost comical range of Spin. They range from under 1000 rpms to over 3000 rpms. Curve balls with RPMs between 1000 and 1750 result in fewer swinging strikes and less ground balls, averaging about 40% ground balls.

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How fast should a 16 year old pitch softball?

Average softball pitching speed by age

Age Average Pitching Speeds High-end Averages
16 51 – 55 MPH 56 – 62 MPH
17 52 – 56 MPH 57 – 65 MPH
18 55 – 59 MPH 60 – 68 MPH
College+ 58 – 65 MPH 66 – 74 MPH

How hard do D1 softball pitchers throw?

The average velocity for these DI pitchers is above 63 miles per hour, and some like Rachel Garcia (UCLA) are consistently clocking in at close to 70 miles per hour.

What is the fastest softball pitch ever thrown by a girl?

The fastest recorded softball pitch is 77 mph (123.9 km/h), achieved by Monica Abbott (USA) on 16 June 2012 in a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) game for the Chicago Bandits against the Carolina Diamonds in Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA.