What is the minimum height allowed for a pitch in 16 in Slow Pitch Softball *?

The pitcher’s platform must be 50 feet from home plate. The minimum fence distance is 300 feet, with the maximum 315 feet. For men’s 16-inch slow pitch, the bases are 60 feet apart, the pitcher’s rubber is 38 feet from home plate and the fence distances are 250-feet minimum with no maximum.

What is the correct height of a slow pitch softball pitch?

Slow Pitch

The pitch must reach an arc of at least 6 feet in height but must not arc higher than 12 feet or it will be called an illegal pitch by the umpire. If the batter swings at an illegal pitch, it is in play, but if she does not swing, it is a ball.

How far can you hit a 16 inch softball?

The Playing Field

The official 16 inch diamond base lines will be sixty (60) feet. The pitching distance will be thirty-eight (38) feet. All batters start with 0-0 count ● No Extra foul balls!

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What is a legal pitch in slow pitch softball?

The rules for slow pitch softball state the ball must be thrown in an arc ranging from 6 to 12 feet. If the ball is thrown out of these boundaries, it’s considered an illegal pitch. It’s important to note that this rule is only in affect for slow pitch and not fast pitch softball.

How hard is slow pitch softball?

Slow Pitch softball is a fast-paced game that requires strength and patience. Although the pitcher throws the ball underhand at a slow speed, the ball is easier to hit. The ball used in slow pitch softball is smaller and denser than it is in fast pitch, making slow pitch softball a much more high hitting game.

What is the difference between slow pitch and fast pitch softball?

Fastpitch balls are typically thrown at an upwards angle and can exceed speeds of 50-60 mph. In slowpitch, the ball is thrown without the distinct windmill motion that’s commonly associated with fastpitch. … Since there’s no windup in slowpitch softball, the balls are thrown at slower speeds.

Why is it called a 16-inch softball?

The first softball was a wrapped up boxing glove and the bat was a broom. Play was encouraged by a reporter, George Hancock, who had been looking on. … The 16-inch softball was eventually adopted in Chicago, perhaps because it did not travel as far as the popular 12- or 14-inch balls.

How can I improve my slow pitch softball?

Make certain that you lead with your hands getting the bat out in front of your body into the hitting zone with the knob pointing at the pitched ball. You should then let go with the top hand after contact is made with the ball. Finish your swing with a follow-through using only the lead arm and bottom hand on the bat.

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How do you hit a homerun in slow pitch softball?

Standing in the rear of the batter’s box, lean forward from the hips slightly with straight legs and touch your bat to the outside corner of the plate. Feel your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees slightly, and you are ready to hit your home run.

Is a slip pitch legal in softball?

Is The “Slip Pitch” Legal? Yes and no. It depends if a pitcher is playing in a high school or college softball game. A youth pitcher could probably get away with it, considering it’s a fun pitch that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

What is the minimum arc a pitch must have in softball?

The pitch must have a minimum arc of 6 ft. from the ground. The maximum allowable arc is 12 ft. from the ground.

How far is the pitching rubber in slow pitch softball?

In an adult slow-pitch game, regardless of whether it’s a men’s, women’s or co-ed league, the distance between home plate and the pitcher’s mound should be 50 feet.