What is the record for consecutive games with a home run by a team?

The overall record — at any point in the season — is 31 straight games with a home run, by the 2019 Yankees. They surpassed the ’02 Rangers’ previous record of 27, going from May 26-June 30 before the Mets snapped the streak in a Subway Series tilt at Citi Field on July 2.

What’s the record for most consecutive games with a homerun?

“More than anyone else, Dale Long can relate to New York Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly’s feat of homering in eight consecutive games. Long set the major-league record for homers in consecutive games while playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates May 19-28, 1956.

Has a team ever hit 5 consecutive home runs?

We’ll lead off with something obvious: Since the start of the 1913 season, 14 players have hit four home runs in a game, with Josh Hamilton being the most recent to accomplish the feat, with the Texas Rangers in 2012. … However, no one has hit five.

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Has a team ever hit 4 home runs in a row?

June 8, 1961: Milwaukee Braves belt a record four consecutive home runs in one inning.

What player has the longest streak of consecutive games played?

The record of playing in 2,632 consecutive games over more than 16 years is held by Cal Ripken, Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. Ripken surpassed Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees, whose record of 2,130 consecutive games had stood for 56 years.

Has anyone hit 5 home runs in a game?

Five home runs in a game has been achieved four times: Pete Schneider (1923), Lou Frierson (1934), Cecil Dunn (1936) and Dick Lane (1948). In the pre-professional era, Lipman Pike also hit five home runs in 1866.

What is the record for most HR in a game?

Mark Whiten tied Jim Bottomley for the most runs batted in in a single game with 12 in his four-homer game. Shawn Green hit a double and a single along with his four home runs for 19 total bases, an MLB record.


Player Name of the player
Career HR The number of home runs the player hit in his MLB career

Who has hit for the cycle the most times?


Hitting For The Cycle Career Hitting for the Cycle Records | Official List of Players Who Hit for the Cycle
Record Lg(s) Name(s)
Most Cycles In A Career AL Adrian Beltre
NL Babe Herman
Trea Turner

How often do back to back homers happen?

A third batter hitting a home run is commonly referred to as back-to-back-to-back. Four home runs in a row by consecutive batters has only occurred ten times in the history of Major League Baseball. Following convention, this is called back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

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Who hit 4 home runs in one game?

Four Home Runs in One Game

Four Home Runs In One Game American League Players Who Hit Four Home Runs in a Game / In Chronological Order
AL# ML# Name (Career HRs)
1. 1. Bobby Lowe (71)
2. 2. Ed Delahanty (101)
3. 4. Chuck Klein (300)

Who has hit 6 home runs in a game?

6 HOME RUNS AND 16 RBI in 1 GAME!! One can’t mention Marshall McDougall without talking about what he accomplished on May 9, 1999, in FSU’s 26-2 win over the Maryland Terrapins in College Park, Maryland. After ripping a single in the first inning, McDougall hit six home runs in his next six at-bats that day.

What is the longest home run streak in MLB history?

Don Mattingly, Yankees, July 8-18, 1987

Texas to extend his streak to six games. As was the case 31 years earlier with original record setter Dale Long, Mattingly’s streak had become national news by the time he set the American League record with his seventh straight game with a homer on July 17 vs. Texas.

Who has hit 3 home runs in a game?

On September 25, 2001, Richie Sexson and Jeromy Burnitz both hit three home runs for the Milwaukee Brewers in a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Through 1940.

Date May 25, 1935
Player Babe Ruth
Team Boston Braves, NL
Home/Away A

How did Cal Ripken streak end?

Ripken’s streak ended on Sept.

One of the stories restoring interest in MLB in 1995 was Ripken’s pursuit of Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played. On Sept. 6, 1995, Ripken played in game No. 2,131, breaking a record that had stood since May 1939.

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How many games did Derek Jeter play consecutively?

Derek Jeter’s streak of reaching base in 54 straight games came to an end on this day against the Mets. In a 7-2 loss in the Bronx, Jeter was kept off the basepaths, while Roger Clemens saw a streak of his own end. His run of 20 consecutive victories was snapped, which was an American League record.

Which player holds the MLB record for consecutive games with a base hit?

Joe DiMaggio holds the Major League Baseball record with a streak of 56 consecutive games in 1941 which began on May 15 and ended July 17. DiMaggio hit . 408 during his streak (91-for-223), with 15 home runs and 55 runs batted in.