You asked: How much is a Jackie Robinson baseball card worth?

How much does a Jackie Robinson baseball card go for?

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson ROOKIE CARD #50 PSA 1 Stunning $4250.00
1949 Leaf #79 JACKIE ROBINSON Rookie Card Brooklyn Dodgers HOF REPRINT – Baseball Card $6.95
1952 Topps #312 Jackie Robinson SGC 1 graded slab RC Rookie Card High Number VTG $6499.99

How much is a 1953 Jackie Robinson card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price POP Higher
GOOD 2 $924.00 2252
FR 1.5 $557.00 2684
PR 1 $565.00 2866
Auth $979.00 3199

How much is the 1952 Jackie Robinson baseball card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price SMR Price
GEM – MT 10
MINT 9 $960,000.00 $750,000.00
NM – MT 8 $192,000.00 $150,000.00
NM 7 $38,271.45 $22,000.00

Are Jackie Robinson cards a good investment?

The safest bet is with vintage cards.

Players like Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron no longer have the risk of getting injured or having a down season. Put simply: their value is historic and doesn’t really fluctuate much at all. Just like art, these cards will only appreciate over time.

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How much is a Babe Ruth rookie card worth?

Babe Ruth rookie card sells for record $2.46 million.

What is the rarest baseball card?

Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold

  • 1909 T206 Sherry Magee (Error) …
  • 1909 American Caramel E90-1 Joe Jackson. …
  • 1909 T206 Eddie Plank. …
  • 1963 Topps Pete Rose (Tie) …
  • 1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth (Tie) …
  • 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle. …
  • 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. Price: $2.88 million. …
  • 1909 T206 Honus Wagner. Price: $3.12 million.

How much is a 1947 Jackie Robinson card worth?

Search Auction Prices by Grade / Grader

Card Price Bids
JACKIE ROBINSON 1947 Homogenized Bond Bread #41RC Rookie Dodgers HOF SGC L@@K $8,000.00 BIN
Jackie Robinson 1947 Bond Bread Portrait – Facsimile Auto. PSA PR-FR 1 $7,999.99 BIN
1947 Homogenized Bond Bread #41 Jackie Robinson RC Rookie Dodgers HOF BVG 5.5 $29,999.00 BIN

How much is a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card worth?

The iconic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card is one of the world’s most valuable cards. In fact, even in very rough condition, this card can command top dollar. In January of this year, a ’52 Topps Mantle graded PSA 9 was sold for 5.2 MILLION dollars!

What is the most expensive Jackie Robinson baseball card?

A 1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson rookie card sold in auction for $336,000 in November 2018 — the highest price ever achieved for a Dodger-related card sold publicly. Any Robinson card from his playing years is valuable, considering his historical significance and legendary career.

What baseball cards are worth money 2021?

Best Baseball Prospect Cards to Collect 2021

  • Spencer Torkelson (Check Price)
  • Adley Rutschman (Check Price)
  • Zac Veen (Check Price)
  • Jasson Dominguez (Check Price)
  • Topps Heritage (Buy on eBay)
  • NOW RELEASED: Topps Series 1 (Check Price)
  • 1986 Topps Baseball Autograph (Buy on eBay)
  • Acuna & Soto Dual Signatures (Check Price)
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What baseball cards hold value?

Rookie cards usually hold the most value and yield the highest returns. It is the first printed card for a specific player. First and second-year cards can also have value because rookie cards may become very costly. Inserts can be another good baseball card investment.

What sports card is worth the most money?

Considered the Holy Grail of sports cards, the Honus Wagner T206 tobacco card is the most valuable ever, selling at $2.8 million. Honus Wagner was a great baseball player and coach, and is viewed by historians as one of the true greats of the sport. His career as a player began in 1897 and ended 20 years later.