You asked: What MLB catcher has the most home runs?

Who has the most home runs as a catcher?

Mike Piazza has launched the most career homers by a catcher, with 399 homers.

Who has the most home runs by a catcher in one season?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WIBW) – Salvador Perez hit his 46th home run of the season Monday afternoon against Cleveland, giving him sole possession of the MLB record for home runs in a season by a catcher. The seven-time All-Star tied Johnny Bench’s record set in 1970 just four days ago.

What catcher has the most pickoffs?

Catcher Pickoff Leaders

Most Catcher Pickoffs (Since 2003)
Player Pickoffs
Jose Molina 17
Ivan Rodriguez 13
Jeff Mathis 11

Who was the last catcher to hit 40 home runs?

Source: David Vincent, member of SABR

HR Catcher Year
42 JAVY 2003
41 TODD 1996
40 ROY 1953
40 MIKE 1997
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Has a catcher hit 50 home runs?

Most would assume that the 1990s Mets catcher with the most home runs in a season would be Mike Piazza. … It was Hundley who set that mark in his breakout 1996 campaign after hitting a total of 50 homers in 491 games over his first six seasons.

Is Salvador Perez the best catcher in baseball?

Perez became the second primary catcher (at least 75% of his games at catcher) to lead the majors in both home runs (48) and RBIs (121), the other having been Hall of Famer Johnny Bench in 1970 and 1972. Perez also tied the record for the most games played in a season by a primary catcher.

What shortstop has the most home runs?

Cal Ripken Jr. has launched the most career homers by a shortstop, with 353 home runs.

Cal Ripken Jr. 2381 353
Alex Rodriguez 1275 345
Ernie Banks 1216 298
Miguel Tejada 1871 285

Who has the most home runs of 2021?

MLB Stat Leaders 2021

Home Runs HR
1 Salvador PerezKC 48
1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.TOR 48
3 Shohei OhtaniLAA 46
4 Marcus SemienTOR 45

Who hit the most home runs without steroids?

Interpreted as:

Barry Bonds 2986 1,143.3
Hank Aaron 3298 936.4
Babe Ruth 2503 1,436.8
Alex Rodriguez 2784 690.1

Who is the greatest catcher in MLB history?

The 5 Greatest Catchers of All Time

  • #5: Gary Carter. The former Met and Expos catcher spent 19 years in the MLB. …
  • #4: Mike Piazza. Mike Piazza, who played for the New York Mets primarily, was a 12-time All-Star and 10-time Silver Slugger Award winner at catcher. …
  • #3: Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. …
  • #2: Yogi Berra. …
  • #1: Johnny Bench.
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What catcher has the most caught stealing?

Career Leaders & Records for Caught Stealing %

Rank Player (yrs, age) Caught Stealing %
1. Roy Campanella+ (18) 57.40
2. Gabby Hartnett+ (20) 56.11
3. Buddy Rosar (13) 54.81
4. Al Lopez+ (19) 54.05

Who has the most Gold Gloves as a catcher?

Iván Rodríguez has won the most Gold Gloves at catcher, with 13; all were won with the Texas Rangers or the Detroit Tigers (both American League teams), though Rodríguez has played in both leagues.

Has a catcher ever led the league in home runs?

Johnny Bench led all of MLB in home runs in 1970 and 1972. He is the only catcher to ever do that. Johnny Bench led the Major Leagues in Home Runs in 1970 & 1972. He was also the National League MVP in both of those seasons.

Has a catcher ever led the league in RBI?

Catcher: Yogi Berra, 1,430

Berra, who won three MVP Awards and enough World Series rings to fill all 10 fingers, is the leader among catchers with 1,430 RBIs, edging Ted Simmons (1,389), Johnny Bench (1,376), Mike Piazza (1,335) and Ivan Rodriguez (1,332).

What is the most RBIs in a season?

Single-Season Leaders & Records for Runs Batted In

Rank Player (age that year) Runs Batted In
1. Hack Wilson+ (30) 191
2. Lou Gehrig+ (28) 185
3. Hank Greenberg+ (26) 184
4. Jimmie Foxx+ (30) 175