Best answer: What is DP in softball fielding stats?

DP typically stands for Designated Player. You can think of it as similar to a Designated Hitter in Baseball, but here’s the difference; a designated hitter in baseball can hit in place of another player already in position, but a designated hitter cannot play defense.

What does DP mean in softball stats?

Double Play (DP)

How does a DP work in softball?

A team using the DP starts the game with 10 players on the lineup card, but could end the game with 9 or 10. 9. When the FLEX player bats for the DP, the FLEX player bats in position of the original DP. The DP is considered to have left the game, but the FLEX player has not.

What is DP in fielding?

Fielding statistics

DP – Double plays: one for each double play during which the fielder recorded a putout or an assist.

What is the difference between DH and DP?

DP = player you would have called the DH. Put her where you want her in the lineup. FLEX = your pitcher.

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What is a DP Flex?

DP/Flex are joined at the hip with respect to the batting order. If both players are in the game, the Flex has number 10 in the batting order (i.e. she does not bat). The only place in the batting order that either DP or the Flex can bat is the place the DP occupied at the beginning of the game.

Can a DP play the field?

2. Only one (DP or Flex) may play offense at a time and it must be in the DP’s spot in the batting order. … Both (DP and Flex) may play defense at the same time by having the DP replace any defensive player on the field (that player then remains in her spot in the batting order and becomes known as the OP).

Can DP play defense?

The starting DP can play “defense” for any of the other nine players in the lineup. 16. IF the DP reenters the game she must be put back into her original position in the batting order.

What is an EH in softball?

The extra hitter (EH) rule takes the concept of the designated hitter one step further. Instead of just adding a player to bat for a defensive player (ten players, but only nine batters), the EH adds a tenth batter to the batting order.

What does GS mean in softball?

Games Started (GS)

What is SB in softball stats?

SB: Stolen bases allowed. CS: Runners caught stealing. SB%: Opponent stolen base percentage.

What does SB mean in softball?

Definition. A stolen base occurs when a baserunner advances by taking a base to which he isn’t entitled. This generally occurs when a pitcher is throwing a pitch, but it can also occur while the pitcher still has the ball or is attempting a pickoff, or as the catcher is throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

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What is a DH in softball?

The Designated Hitter (DH) may enter the field but will remain in the same place in the batting order. If a player re-enters the game, they must take their original position in the batting order.

What is the fastest softball pitch ever?

The fastest recorded softball pitch is 77 mph (123.9 km/h), achieved by Monica Abbott (USA) on 16 June 2012 in a National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) game for the Chicago Bandits against the Carolina Diamonds in Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA.

Is there a DH in college softball?

NCAA softball uses a designated hitter that can substitute for any position player in the lineup. Softball refers to that player as a ‘Designated Player. ‘ It’s that rule that allows Valerie Arioto to both hit and pitch in the same game.