Has any cricket team scored 1000 runs?

Which team has scored 1000 runs in Test match?

Herbert Sutcliffe of Australia tops the list of fastest to reach 1000 test runs.

What is the highest score ever in cricket?

West Indies batsman Brian Lara has the highest individual score in Test cricket: he scored 400 not out against England in 2004 to surpass the innings of 380 by Matthew Hayden six months earlier. Lara had held the record before Hayden, with a score of 375 against England 10 years earlier.

Who hit 500 runs in one match?

Ex-Windies captain Brian Lara scored 501*(427) in a county match in 1994, becoming the first and the only player to score 500-plus runs in an innings in professional cricket. Lara hit 62 fours and 10 sixes during his innings, while representing Warwickshire against Durham.

Who scored highest runs in first class cricket?

Highest individual score. The highest individual score in first-class cricket is 501* scored by Brian Lara for Warwickshire in 1994. There have been nine other scores of 400 or more, including another by Lara and two by Bill Ponsford.

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Who scored first 10000 runs in test?

Sunil Gavaskar was the first player to cross the 10,000 run mark in Tests.

Who is the fastest Test century?

New Zealand’s Brendan McCullum holds the record for the fastest test cricket century of all time – he took just 54 balls to reach the milestone in a match against Australia in Christchurch in the 2015/16 season.

Can batsman hit ball twice?

34.3 Ball lawfully struck more than once

The striker may, solely in order to guard his/her wicket and before the ball has been touched by a fielder, lawfully strike the ball a second or subsequent time with the bat, or with any part of his/her person other than a hand not holding the bat.

Has India scored 400 in ODI?

India (5 times)

India is second on the list with five 400+ scores in ODIs. Their first time was against Bermuda in the 2007 World Cup. They cracked 413/5 aided by Viru’s 114 and fifties from Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh.

Who scored 600 runs in Test cricket?

Stats: Most 600+ Runs in Test by a team

Sri Lanka 14 952
South Africa 13 682
New Zealand 10 715
Bangladesh 1 638

Who scored quadruple century in test?

Don Bradman’s score of 452 not out was made in the shortest time of all quadruple centuries; his innings lasting 415 minutes (6 hours and 55 minutes). Lara’s Test quadruple was the longest, taking 778 minutes (12 hours and 58 minutes).


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Date denotes the date on which the match started

Who scored 400 runs in cricket?

Exactly on this day in 2004, West Indies legend Brian Lara created history when he became the first man in Test cricket to touch the 400-run mark. Till date, no player has managed to break the record. The batting legend achieved the feat against England at St. John cricket ground in Antigua.

Who made 400 runs in cricket?

The most recent 400+ score was achieved by England, who scored 418/6 in 50 overs against the West Indies at the National Cricket Stadium, Grenada on 27 February 2019. The world record is held by England in their innings of 481/6 in 50 overs against Australia at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on 19 June 2018.