What baseball players autograph is worth the most?

Babe Ruth’s autograph is, quite simply, the most desired in the hobby.

What are the rarest baseball autographs?

One of the rarest sports autographs of all time is from Archibald “Moonlight” Graham. Only five of the baseball player’s autographs are known to exist, including a check signed in 1963 that sold for $3,000 at an auction in 2008 and a 1906 minor league postcard with his signature that sold for $5,000 in 2015.

What baseball player has the most expensive signature?

Babe Ruth’s Baseball: $388,375. Jimi Hendrix’s Contract: $200,000.

What signed baseballs are worth the most?

Babe Ruth’s Yankees Contract

Almost a century later, the contract Ruth signed with the Yankees, making league history, sold at a 2017 auction for $2.3 million — the highest amount for any sports document.

What are baseball autographs worth?

“The average price of autographed sports memorabilia ranges varies greatly,” says Altman. “Lower-end autographed items can sell for as low as $5, where high-end items can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.” “The retail range from dealers is $25 to $2,500 for autographs from the past 40 years.

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What is a Babe Ruth autograph worth?

One of the most prized signatures in the hobby a Babe Ruth single signed baseball in general is worth about $25,000. -$50,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature.

How much is Lou Gehrig signature worth?

A Lou Gehrig single signed baseball is worth about $30,000. -$65,000. A Lou Gehrig autographed photo would be in the $5,500. -$8,000 price range.

How much is Michael Jackson autograph worth?

Michael Jackson

The king of pop, Michael Jackson’s autograph is worth US $2,875.

What is Mickey Mantle’s autograph worth?

Autograph values

Mantle’s signature is valued at $100 to $125. Signed photos and Perez Steele cards are valued between $250 and $300.

How much is Jay Z autograph worth?

Goldin Auctions recently sold a 2005 Topps Chrome JAY-Z 1/1 Superfractor autograph for a staggering $105,780 USD. The card’s previous bid of $2,200 USD has now increased to a six-figure number, shocking the trading card community.

Are autographed baseballs a good investment?

Sports memorabilia, does go up in value, but not nearly as consistent as a good growth stock mutual fund would over time. It is much more reliable to invest in the stock market than sports memorabilia for that reason.

What is Tiger Woods autograph worth?

The average value of a Tiger Woods autograph card is more than $1,000. Think about that. An average value of $1,000 a card.

How much is a Jackie Robinson signed baseball worth?

[BASEBALL-SIGNED] 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers signed baseball including Jackie Robinson. Dodgers souvenir ball with the team’s pri… – Price Estimate: $3000 – $5000.

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How do I find out what my autograph is worth?

The value of an autograph depends primarily on the person, but also what was signed, the condition, the availability, and trends that affect supply and demand. Research autograph values in the extensive archives of Heritage Auctions, and request a free appraisal when ready to sell.

How do you value a signed baseball?

Autographed 8 x 10 Photos in general sell at about 40-60 percent the value of a signed baseball. The percentage will vary based on the popularity of the player, and how sought after the signature is. Larger, and more desired Photos will sell for more. $100.

How much is Ted Williams signed baseball worth?

A Ted Williams single signed baseball is worth about $350. – $450. A Ted Williams signed Photo is worth about $150.