What is a 52 core softball?

What does the core mean on a softball?

Softballs are rated based on two metrics – Coefficient Of Restitution (COR – pronounced like core) and compression. COR represents how “bouncy” the ball is. The higher the COR, the more bouncy the ball is and, generally, the farther it will fly.

What is the hardest core softball?

The balls that perform the best are the COR=44 or COR=47 coupled with a high compression value of 400lbs or 450lbs. It’s hard to find softballs today that are 525lbs compression or higher as they are found to be too hot for our senior bats.

What is a 44 core softball?

44 COR ball, the speed bouncing off the wall would be 35 miles per hour. Softball compression is a measure of how hard a softball is. The higher the compression, the harder the ball, and generally, the farther it will fly.

What are the different types of softballs?

There are three types of softball: fastpitch, modified and slow pitch. In both types of softball, pitchers throw underhand (with hand below shoulder level).

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What softball flies the farthest?

The Ultimate Evil Ball is farthest flying ball in the country, nothing comes close. This special edition ball was built for the Long Haul Bombers, Stadium power tour. If you are looking for absolutely Ridiculous Distance, Look no further than the Ultimate Evil.

Why is a softball yellow?

The biggest reason for making softballs bright yellow is that they are easier to see. The distance between the pitching mound and the batter’s box is approximately 14 feet shorter in softball than in baseball, giving the hitter less time to react to the pitch.

What is the softest softball?

Low-compression softballs are the softest, with a compression rating of no more than 375 pounds. They are available in both 11- and 12-inch sizes. Balls with low compression ratings and high COR values have a “mushy” feel.

What ball is harder a softball or a baseball?

However, it is scientifically proven that softball is harder than baseball. The speed of pitches, the reaction time for hitters and fielders, and the distance of the field indicates that softball is indeed harder than baseball.

What do the dots on softballs mean?

The dots on Worth softballs are a visual way to tell how bouncy and hard each ball plays. … All blue dot balls have a max compression of 525, while the 400-pound green dot balls feel softer. Generally, blue dot balls are used for men’s slow pitch and green dots for women’s.

What is the COR of a baseball?

The standard parameter for measuring the elastici- ty of baseballs is the coefficient of restitution (COR). The rules of baseball state that a ball shot at 85 ft/s at a wall of northern white ash must rebound with a speed of 54.6 3.2% of the initial speed. In other words, the COR must be 0.546 0.032.

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What is bat compression?

Bat compression test results describe the amount of pressure required to compress the barrel of a bat. A higher compression result (usually stated in terms of pounds per area) means a barrel’s walls are more rigid. A bat with a lower compression means the barrel walls are more flexible or elastic.

What is the COR and compression of a softball?

Compression: The amount of force it takes to compress the ball a quarter of an inch, which is measured in pounds. COR: The measurement of the bounce of the ball. Softballs with a higher COR are livelier and result in farther and faster-travelling hits.

What are the three types of softball?

There are three general forms of softball: slow pitch, modified pitch and fast pitch.

  • Fast Pitch softball is a very defensive, pitcher-oriented game. …
  • Modified Pitch softball strikes a balance between fast and slow pitch. …
  • Slow Pitch softball favors the batters by making it easier for them to hit the ball.

How do the 3 types of softball differ?

Softballs vary in size according to the type of softball game that is being played. There are three sizes, measured by circumference: one for fast-pitch softball, one for slow-pitch softball and one for a style of slow-pitch play that is frequently called Chicago ball because of its popularity in that Illinois city.

What size is a fastpitch softball?

In fast pitch softball, most leagues use a ball with a circumference of 12 inches (30 cm) that weighs 6.25 ounces (177 g). Younger players generally play with an 11-inch (28 cm) circumference ball.

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