What is the proper way to throw a baseball?

What are the 5 steps of throwing a ball?

Throwing Technique: The Basic Steps

  • Step 1: “Funnel” The Ball to Your Center.
  • Step 2: Right Ankle Points to Target.
  • Step 3: Throwing Arm & Glove Arm Separate.
  • Step 4: Rear Foot Strides Toward Target.
  • Step 5: Hips Rotate FIRST, Powering the Shoulder.
  • Step 6: Chest Moves Forward as Arm Accelerates.

How do you throw accurately?

Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Lift your non-throwing arm to “point” at your target and shift your weight to your back foot. Lift your throwing hand so the ball is near your ear (right ear if you are throwing with your right hand, left ear if you are throwing with your left hand). You are ready to throw.

Why can’t I throw a baseball accurately?

If your grip is off, a seam could catch the air as it flies through the air and it can start moving (the same way a pitcher throws a sinker or cut fast ball). This ball action makes it difficult for consistent accurate throws.

What are three things to remember when throwing a baseball and why are they important?

The Throwing Motion

  • Get a good grip on the ball using two fingers and your thumb.
  • Stand sideways with your left shoulder pointed toward your target.
  • Plant your right foot solidly on the ground.
  • Step forward with your left foot, pushing off with your right foot.
  • Focus your eyes on your target.
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How many fingers do you use to throw a baseball?

To throw an effective three-finger changeup, center your ring, middle, and index fingers on top of the baseball (as shown in the third picture at right). Your thumb and pinky finger should be placed on the smooth leather directly underneath the baseball (as shown in the middle picture).