Who is the Number 1 college softball team?

Who is the #1 ranked softball team in the country?


Rank School Record
Rank School Record
1 Oklahoma 56-4
2 Alabama 52-9
3 UCLA 47-7

Who is the best college softball player?


Rank Name Position
Rank Name Position
1 Jodie Aguirre SP/RP
2 Liz Murphy SP/RP
3 Courtney Coppersmith SP/RP

Who has the best batting average in softball 2021?

Category: Batting Average Stat Leaders

# Name BA
1 Celina Wilharm – So .750
2 Aubrey Gibbons – So .747
3 Aurora Tyson – Sr .737
4 Graci Green – Fr .734

Who has the best ERA in d1 softball?

Records & Milestones

Courtney Blades won the most games with an NCAA record 52 and 0.89 ERA in 2000 and also has the most earned runs in a career for the list at 176.

How many D1 college softball teams are there?

How many Division 1 college softball teams are there? Currently, there are 286 NCAA D1 softball colleges across the country.

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Which high school has the best softball team?

USA TODAY Sports/NFCA High School Super 25 Poll – Final 2021 rankings

  1. Neshoba Central (Miss.): 32-0 – PR: 1.
  2. Lakewood Ranch (Fla.): 30-2 – PR: 2.
  3. Hewitt-Trussville (Ala.): 49-3-1 – PR: 3.
  4. Park Vista (Fla.): 29-1 – PR: 4.
  5. Lake Creek (Texas): 38-2 – PR: 5.
  6. Barbe (La.): 31-2 – PR: 6.
  7. New Palestine (Ind.): …
  8. Marist (Ill.):

Who is the best girl softball player?

10 Best Fastpitch Softball Players Of All-Time

  • Dot Richardson. A current physician and coach of Liberty University’s softball team, Dot Richardson is the epitome of Fastpitch softball. …
  • Lisa Fernandez. …
  • Jennie Finch. …
  • Cat Osterman. …
  • Tanya Harding. …
  • Jessica Mendoza. …
  • Natasha Watley. …
  • Michele Mary Smith.

Who is the most famous softball player?

Simply put, Jennie Finch is the most famous softball player of all time to the rest of the sporting world. Her success on the field at every level—multiple NCAA championships, record breaking pitching performances, Olympic Gold Medals—combined with beauty and grace made her a celebrity who transcended the sport.

Who is the best softball player of all time?

Who Are the Most Famous Softball Players of All Time?

  • Dot Richardson – A Veteran Pitcher with an Olympic Reputation.
  • Lisa Fernandez – The Record-Setting Fastpitch Player with an Olympic Record.
  • Cat Osterman – The Left-Handed, 4-Time All American Pitcher.

Who has the most strikeouts in college softball?

NCAA Division I softball career strikeouts list

Strikeouts Pitcher School(s)
2,440 Monica Abbott Tennessee Lady Vols
2,265 Cat Osterman Texas Longhorns
2,149 Angela Tincher Virginia Tech Hokies
1,860 Danielle Lawrie Washington Huskies
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What is a good whip in college softball?


Rating WHIP
Great 1.10
Above Average 1.20
Average 1.30
Below Average 1.40

How many Division 1 softball players are there?

Only about 8% of high school softball players will compete at the college level, and approximately 1% will play Division 1 ball.

Who is the best softball hitter?

9 of the top college softball home run hitters in 2021

  • Jocelyn Alo — Oklahoma. …
  • Haley Lee — Texas A&M. …
  • Jessie Harper — Arizona. …
  • Tiare Jennings — Oklahoma. …
  • Addison Barnard — Wichita State. …
  • Maddi Hackbarth — Arizona State. …
  • Sami Williams — Iowa State.

Who is the goat in women’s softball?

Women’s History: Lisa Fernandez, softball’s GOAT.

Who is the fastest college softball player?

A stopwatch clocks Stormy Kotzelnick from home plate to first base — 60 feet in 2.64 seconds. That’s almost 16 mph. That’s almost as speedy as Caitlin Lowe, a former U.S. Olympic softball player who ran that same stretch in 2.55 seconds and was dubbed the fastest softball player in the world.