What does softball compression mean?

Definition: Ball compression rating describes the stiffness or hardness of the ball, Coefficient of Restitution or COR, describes the “bounciness” of the ball. ​ The COR value (i.e. Coefficient of Restitution) is how much is given back after the impact with a solid wall during testing.

What is a low compression softball?

Low-compression softballs are the softest, with a compression rating of no more than 375 pounds. They are available in both 11- and 12-inch sizes. Balls with low compression ratings and high COR values have a “mushy” feel. … Bats that do not flex are the best to use when hitting low-compression balls.

What compression are classic M softballs?

USSSA-approved design for slow-pitch softball league play. 40/325 Compression.

What is bat compression?

Bat compression test results describe the amount of pressure required to compress the barrel of a bat. A higher compression result (usually stated in terms of pounds per area) means a barrel’s walls are more rigid. A bat with a lower compression means the barrel walls are more flexible or elastic.

What softball flies the farthest?

The Ultimate Evil Ball is farthest flying ball in the country, nothing comes close. This special edition ball was built for the Long Haul Bombers, Stadium power tour. If you are looking for absolutely Ridiculous Distance, Look no further than the Ultimate Evil.

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What core softball is harder?

The balls that perform the best are the COR=44 or COR=47 coupled with a high compression value of 400lbs or 450lbs. It’s hard to find softballs today that are 525lbs compression or higher as they are found to be too hot for our senior bats.

Will a rolled bat pass a compression test?

Bats rolled to this top spec will not pass any compression testing. … A compression tester is a device with a gauge on it. The bat is placed in the tester to determine the current break in state.

What does core and compression mean for softballs?

Softballs are rated based on two metrics – Coefficient Of Restitution (COR – pronounced like core) and compression. COR represents how “bouncy” the ball is. … Softball compression is a measure of how hard a softball is. The higher the compression, the harder the ball, and generally, the farther it will fly.

What core is a gold dot?

Circumference: 12 in. Color: Optic Yellow, Blue. Color Family: Yellow. Cork Core: No.

How do you test bat compression?

The barrel of the bat is butted up to that rod and cannot touch the sides of the compression tester frame. The pressure gauge is then set to zero (USSSA) or 500 (ASA/NCAA). Then the lever is pulled up to measure compression.

Does rolling a softball bat work?

Softball bat rolling has many benefits to the bat. It stretches the bat’s fibers evenly and allows for the entire barrel of the bat to be broken in so there are no dead spots. It will also enlarge the bat’s sweet spot. It is possible that some bats will need 75-100 hits on them to fully break in even after rolling.

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